BIO FLUFF HT - Medical device for Hydrocolontherapy Professional Assistant

The Professional Medical Device BIO FLUFF mod. HT for professional hydrocolontherapy asistant
is built in all its components in Italy and is certified according to Directive 93/42 EEC on
Medical Devices implemented by Legislative Decree n°46, 24/02/1997.
The Institute for research and testing M. Masini n°0068 is the body recognized by the Italian Ministry
of Health that certified the medical device BIO FLUFF.

It is provided with a 24 months warranty.

In order to ensure optimal conditions of safety, precision and comfort, the medical device
BIO FLUFF mod. HT is the most complete version and has the following requisites:

-  Fully hydraulic system
- System that limits sudden pressure variations of the water on the water supply system
-  Valve with automatic block for excess of scope
-  vent valve 150 - 180 mmbar
-  Thermostatic gauge that guarantees a stable temperature for the entire session
-  Little window for inspection
-  Flowmeter equipped with precise regulation
-  Efficient cleaning system (50°) with cap to close the circuit
-  Direct drain to sewage system
-  Safe connection system to the water supply system
-  Bacterial filter
-  Thermostatic Valve for possible block in case of excessive temperature of the water
-  Pole with adjustable height for the dispenser
-  Timer
-  Dim. cm. 42 x 32 x 110

The specula is disposable and equipped with holding system thanks to a disposable safety belt.