The Professional Medical Device BIO FLUFF mod. HTP is the PORTABLE version for
professional Assistant Hydrocolontherapy.
The Devicve is built in all its components in Italy and is certified according to Directive 93/42 EEC
on Medical Devices implemented by Legislative Decree n°46, 24/02/1997.            
The Institute for research and testing M. Masini n°0068 is the body recognized by
the Italian Ministry of Health that certified the medical device BIO FLUFF.

The medical device BIO FLUFF mod. HT is an equipment CE Certifi ed, manufactured
totally in each particular in Italy, compact, safe and serves for the hydrocolontherapy
assisted professionally.
The assisted professional hydrocolontherapy is a therapy for the complete cleaning of the colon.
The entire treatment is completely painless, odorless and is practiced with the help of the therapist
with the patient lying comfortably on the couch.
For therapy using a speculates that the therapist enters into the rectum: this
speculates is then connected to two plastic tubes that connect to the device. The
therapist adjusts the amount and temperature of water for washing.
With the hydrocolontherapy is introduced in the intestine, at a controlled pressure, water fi ltered to
pleasant temperature. By means of the continuous change between the filling and emptying
intestines are first melted and then removed stubborn fecal deposits. The number of
washing is established during the initial interview with the specialist who, on the basis of
pathology, recommends a path suited to the individual patient.
The number of washings is closely related to the patient's clinical situation and the
fi ality for carrying out the treatment.
It is provided with a 24 months warranty.

In order to ensure optimal conditions of safety, precision and comfort, the medical device
BIO FLUFF mod. HTP is the most complete version and has the following requisites:

. Fully hydraulic system
. Valve with automatic block for flow excess
. Flowmeter with precise regulation
. Drain of the excreted matter in a container on wheels
. Safe connection system to the water supply system
. Bacterial filter
. Thermostatic Valve for possible block in case of excessive temperature of the water
. Timer

The speculum is disposable and equipped with holding system thanks to a disposable safety belt.