Treatment for Diverticula with colon hydrotherapy

Diverticula are eversions of the colon’s mucus and sub-mucus in the weaker part of the muscular wall, and they generally appear after 40 years of age. Those who suffer from this pathology know quite well the abdominal pain that results from them; sometimes in the form of cramps, other [...]

Home-made intestinal cleansing

Perhaps not everyone is aware of how the intestine is a bit like the centre of our organism; if it malfunctions, we feel a considerable general malaise. Taking care of it in the right way is necessary. Intestinal cleansing certainly is a natural way of purifying and detoxing. Natur Life Style [...]

A natural treatment for colitis

Colitis is an inflammation which besets the colon and occasions various ailments, such as nausea (with vomit as well), stomach ache, an unpleasant taste in the mouth, burning in the throat, presence of mucus in the faeces, pain in the anus and the perineum, etc. This type of pathology might be [...]

Hydrocolontherapy: health and general well-being

Natur Life Style designs and produces devices for domestic hydrocolontherapy. - WHAT IS HYDROCOLONTHERAPY? What is meant by HYDROCOLONTHERAPY is a very delicate intestine cleansing with lukewarm water introduced through the rectum. It is generally carried out to because of all the waste [...]

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