Colon hydrotherapy and vaginal

BIO FLUFF mod. NEAT COLON                               BIO FLUFF mod. SM                                                         KIT IDROVAG

The medical device BIO FLUFF mod. SM is a device with certification CE,
manufactured in every detail in Italy, safe and very easy to use. It's used for
intestinal cleansing and hydrocolontherapy at home.

Intestinal cleansing or domestic hydrocolontherapy allows to keep clean the straight section
of the sigmoid
and you can do it in your bathroom, while remaining seated on the toilet with the speculum inserted,
evacuating throughout tranquility when you feel the need.

With the accessory KIT IDROVAG you can perform vaginal cleansing.



BIO FLUFF mod. HT                    PROFESSIONAL  PORTABLE                    KIT IDROVAG
                                                          ADAPTER KIT

The medical devices BIO FLUFF mod. HT and BIO FLUFF mod. HTP are devices with certification CE, manufactured entirely in Italy, compact, safe and very easy to use,
are used to perform professional hydrocolontherapy.

The professional hydrocolontherapy is a therapy for a thorough cleansing of the colon.

The entire treatment is completely painless and odorless, performed with the help of a therapist and with the patient
comfortably lying on the bed.

The medical devices ensure every optimal conditions of safety, precision and comfort for the patient.

The medical device BIO FLUFF mod. HTP is PORTABLE complete with container for the evacuated with wheels,
tap with universal adapters, coiled hose (4 meters), thermostatic valve and antibacterial filter.

You can carry out the vaginal cleansing with the accessory  KIT IDROVAG.