I have a prostatitis problem ?

In many cases prostatitis can be caused by a malfunctioning bowel with a consequent development of “non-harmonic” bacteria in the colon that can contaminate the prostate.  
In these cases, cleaning the bowel is an essential therapy, and therefore cleaning the bowel using the  BIO FLUFF  is definitely recommended.
 In any case, it is essential to see a urologist who may prescribe the use of probiotics and in some cases antibiotics.

Sometimes I have anal itching ?

There are many causes of anal itching and it is wise to consult a proctologist to establish the nature of this annoying ailment. 
In brief, there is a so-called idiopathic form, the nature of which is unknown, and a secondary form caused by various diseases: viral (warts etc.), bacterial, fungal (candidiasis), parasitic (pin worms), haemorrhoids, fissures, fistulas, diabetes, psoriasis, eczema, allergies, poor hygiene and excessive sweating etc.
Integrating the treatments recommended by the specialist with bowel cleaning using the BIO FLUFF is indicated both to keep bowel function regular and to encourage the elimination of intestinal parasites, bacteria and fungi etc.

I am homosexual, which medical device should I use for proper rectal hygiene?

For proper rectal hygiene and for careful cleaning before and after anal intercourse, use the NEAT COLON System or the BIO FLUFF .

I have anal fissures ?

Anal fissures is a chronic wound located radially in between the outside and the inside of the anus (anal canal). 
It is a fairly common disease the cause of which is still not fully understood. It can occur in patients with constipation or diarrhoea. The pain is usually very intense and long-lasting and occurs when defecating, and lasts for a few hours afterwards. 
Bleeding, if present is scarce. In these cases, in addition to the treatment prescribed by the specialist, it is necessary to facilitate the evacuation of faeces in order to avoid trauma to the area. 
With due care, in the absence of bleeding and after consulting a proctologist, intestinal cleaning using the BIO FLUFF   can be useful to speed up healing of the fissure.

I suffer from recurrent vaginal candidiasis. Can using the FAMILY System be helpful?

Candida is a very tricky fungus that normally resides in the colon. 
Dietary mistakes, diabetes, debilitating disease, decreased immunity, the indiscriminate use of antibiotics etc. causes this fungus to grow excessively and can pass into the vagina from the colon. 
Vaginitis from Candida is one of the most common infections and affects 50% of women at least once in their life.
Sometimes this inflammation becomes chronic and is very difficult to eradicate unless action is taken in the intestine where the fungus finds the ideal environment for growth and spreading. A specific diet, combined with targeted treatment and regular cleaning of the colon and the vagina using the FAMILY System is an optimal therapeutic choice.

I have a sluggish bowel and frequently use laxatives?

Constipation is not a disease but rather a symptom that identifies the difficulty and/or the hassle of a person to expel faeces. 
The incidence of constipation in the general population of Western countries is around 25%, meaning that 1 in 4 individuals complain of this symptom that is common to many diseases. The prolonged stagnation of faeces in the large intestine promotes the proliferation of “enemy germs” and the decomposition of food residues with the formation of toxins that enter the bloodstream.
 Many sectors of our body are involved in removing these toxins (kidneys, liver, respiratory system and skin) which may themselves then suffer. 
The regular use of the BIO FLUFF helps to restore the rhythm of bowel movements as it urges the expulsive action of the bowels and therefore has a beneficial effect by improving the condition of “well-being” of our body. 

I have been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome and I have painful spasms ?

Irritable bowel syndrome is part of an extensive chapter regarding functional bowel disorders, the nature of which is far from being clarified. It is a very complex and common disease that puts both the patients and doctors in difficulty. The main symptom is abdominal pain combined with a functional defecation disorder which can manifest in the form or diarrhoea or constipation.
It is very difficult to establish the incidence of this disease (it is thought that 10-20% of the population has it, predominantly women) because the patient often consults the doctor too late.  
Treatment is extremely difficult and the results are not always encouraging. 
In support of dietary and pharmacological treatment, the use of suitable probiotics and bowel cleaning using the BIO FLUFF  is very effective.

Is the use of lactic acid bacteria useful?

Lactic acid bacteria are probiotics, i.e. “friendly” to humans, which increase our body’s defences, fight against “our enemies” and process from vitamins and other very important substances for use. This benefactors are essentially lactobacilli and bifidobacteria, present in yoghurt and other dairy products.
 Prebiotics play an important role in helping the development of “friendly bacteria” and can be simply defined as “food for bacteria”.  
Inulin is one of the most important: it is a special sugar that is naturally found in many plants especially the roots of chicory and Belgian endive. 
A healthy diet should include vegetables with the possible dietary introduction of prebiotics to keep the “friendly bacteria” viable and efficient and therefore strengthen our body’s defences. 
The administration of probiotics is definitely very important but it is also essential that they don’t die of hunger!

I have a kidney disease ?

There are no problems. 
However, if you are on dialysis or have severe renal insufficiency, it is better to consult your kidney specialist.

I used the BIO FLUFF and some blood came out, should I worry?

You probably did not do the treatment properly or there were contraindications.
 Before introducing the tube into the rectum, it is essential to lubricate both the anal canal and the tube. 
It is recommended to put the lubricating gel or Vaseline on the middle finger of the hand use and insert it into the anal canal in order to ease both the insertion of the tube and the subsequent elimination of faeces. The same product is applied to the tube in order to facilitate its entrance through the anus.  
Try to relax and help to position the tube in the rectum using your hand. 
The softness and flexibility of the material from which the tube is made and good lubrication makes the manoeuvre simple and safe.

If I use the BIO FLUFF for half an hour do I lose a lot of bacterial flora? 

“Friendly” bacteria acts in competition against “bad” bacteria and for this reason it firmly attaches to the epithelium of the intestinal mucosa.
This attachment is an essential requirement for resisting the expulsive effect caused by movements of both the intestine and the small tentacles on the surface of the mucosa called villi. 
The mucosa has a limited number of spaces (in technical terms called “epithelial receptors) to host floral bacteria and when the available places are occupied by friendly bacteria that persistently adhere to them, there is no place for “the others” which stay within the digestive tract and multiply and are therefore always ready to occupy those “free places” that could become available. Therefore bowel cleaning does not compromise tightly attached flora, but helps to eliminate “contenders”.   
In any case it is always useful to regularly take probiotics and prebiotics, to keep the “army of friendly germs” active.