Treatment to the irritable colon, a person in five suffers from it

A treatment to the irritable colon without pharmaceuticals? It is possible thanks to the intestinal cleansing and a good diet.

Today, we’re talking about the irritable colon. Did you know that physicians in the United States have diagnosed this disease to over 20% of the population? This means that a person in five suffers from it, especially women, starting from an age earlier than 35. The most frequent symptoms are bloating, cramps and abdominal pain, difficulty in fully letting go, diarrhoea and constipation. In the most severe of cases, we could also have serious illnesses and permanent damage to the intestine.
Many of you, trying to find a treatment to the irritable colon, rely on pharmaceuticals and laxatives. There’s nothing worst to be done, as these bring, in the long run, other pathologies by getting the intestine getting used to exclusively working under the effect of the pharmaceutics. How to combat the symptoms, then? What other treatment to the irritable colon could you be experimenting with? Natur Life Style advises you on a great diet designed specifically for you, and the colon hydrotherapy.
For what concerns the diet, pay attention to diaries, coffee, spices and fizzy drinks. Opt for foods rich in fibres such as integral breads and dough, fruit and vegetables, natural water. All this must be accompanied by a constant physical exercise. For what concerns the colon hydrotherapy, instead, it consists of a painless cleansing of the colon via a safe and registered device that helps you eliminating all of the digestion residues, which your intestine retains.
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