Treatment to the intestinal irregularity: change your lifestyle!

A treatment to the intestinal irregularity? It’s enough to change lifestyle by eating well and moving a lot. The colon hydrotherapy can help you a lot.

The intestinal irregularity is a disorder that could even cause great problems with the advancement of time. It could be sudden, due to rapid changes in the nutrition, serious illnesses or even travels; or it could be chronic, present for a long time, being just as significant and dangerous. Before the problem might become insurmountable, one needs to find a treatment to the intestinal irregularity. But which one?
CHANGE IN LIFESTYLE: Fundamental for a natural treatment to the intestinal irregularity, without the excessive consumption of pharmaceuticals and laxatives. One needs to be less sedentary, constantly make physical exercise, and move about. 20 minutes of walking one or two times a day, or about an hour every other day, would be sufficient. The bicycle is also very useful, for those fortunate enough not to live in a city.
DIET: The nutrition is also fundamental; consuming foods that are rich in fibres, lots of fruit and lots of vegetables but, most importantly, drink a lot; at least 2 litres of water a day.
COLON HYDROTHERAPY: This is a painless treatment with absolutely no contraindications, and which is ideal as a supplement to your treatment for the intestinal irregularity. It consists of a cleansing of the intestine through a tepid water flow. It can even be performed at one’s home, in most comfort!
Natur Life Style has designed and manufactured for you some medical devices for the domestic colon hydrotherapy. Consult your physician and then buy your own, to help you in the treatment to the intestinal irregularity.



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