Treatment for the diverticula: the colon hydrotherapy at home

A treatment for the diverticula with the colon hydrotherapy? Yes, to keep them clean and eliminating the remnants of digestion.

Which are the main causes of inflammation for the diverticula? This disorder often derives from a progressive weakening of the colon’s walls (thus, genetic causes), an increase in the intestine’s pressure, a sedentary lifestyle, a diet poor in liquids and fibres, etc. The pathology generally affects individuals over 40 years of age, and it reaches a very high 70% among the elderly.
Is there a cure for the diverticula? Is it possible to combat this pathology without the excessive use of pharmaceuticals? Especially as we know how, with age, the pills tend to become more and more numerous… It is much better when we can treat a disorder in a natural way and without pharmaceuticals. For the treatment of diverticula, we suggest the colon hydrotherapy, i.e. the cleansing of the intestine performed by tepid water, which is absolutely painless and with no contraindications.
Natur Life Style has designed, manufactured and certified a medical device for the domestic colon hydrotherapy in order to allow people to even perform this treatment at home, within the intimacy of one’s own bathroom. In particular, this seems to be an ideal treatment for the diverticula before these might get inflamed and begin to cause pain and discomfort. The cleansing maintains these bags clean and eliminates all of digestion’s residues, whilst preventing the inflammation from occurring.
Consult your physician to know more and contact us to speak with an expert.


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