The colon-cleansing professional therapy

The colon-cleansing professional therapy for hospitals, care homes and medical practices.

Natur Life Style has designed and manufactured a device for the colon-cleansing professional therapy: BIO FLUFF HT. It consists of a mobile device to perform the colon hydrotherapy to patients; the ideal for hospitals, care homes, retirement homes, medical practices, beauty centres and more. The device for the colon-cleansing professional therapy is certified and registered with an entity recognised by the Italian Ministry of Health; hence 100% guaranteed safety.
This treatment is painless for the patient, it doesn’t have any contraindications and it must be performed by an expert operator. The device is equipped with a system that regulates and limits the variations in temperature and pressure; a system for a deeper cleansing; a drain to be directly connected to the sewage or to the apposite container for the evacuated material; a filtering system and a universal attachment to any tap.
Offer this very important service (the colon-cleansing professional therapy) at your centre; we know only too well how important it is to have a correct cleanliness of the intestine, in order to feel an immediate general well-being. This is particularly the case if, within the facility, are present the elderly, the bedbound, those preparing for operations or other people in need.
Contact us to find out more about BIO FLUFF HT, a device for the colon-cleansing professional therapy.


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