Medical device for professional and domestic colon hydrotherapy

Natur Life Style’s medical device for the colon hydrotherapy; 100% Made in Italy

The Natur Life Style medical device for the colon hydrotherapy has been entirely manufactured and assembled in Italy. It is certified within class 2B rule 11, IX attachment of the 93/42 CEE directory and has been verified and approved by the Masini research and testing institute (an entity that is recognised by the Ministry of Health). This guarantees the extreme safety of our medical device for the professional colon hydrotherapy at home.
Natur Life Style’s production is divided into two macro-categories: the professional use, hence a medical device for the colon hydrotherapy to be performed in clinics or equipped facilities (e.g. hospitals, medical practices, hospices, care homes, beauty centres etc.); and the domestic use, for the cleansing of the intestine to be performed autonomously at one’s own home.
In the former case, the portable medical device for the professional colon hydrotherapy is called BIO FLUFF HT, and is predisposed to be connected to any tap equipped with a direct draining to the sewage system or container. In the latter case, the device is called BIO FLUFF NEAT COLON (basic) or SM (complete). They’re both available to purchase online, as with all of the spare part and consumption’s accessories.
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