Medical device for colon hydrotherapy

BIO FLUFF, registered and certified medical device for domestic colon hydrotherapy

Colon hydrotherapy is a type of intestinal cleansing which allows the input of a tepid and mild water-flow directly into the anus, in order to eliminate all the toxins and digestion-waste as well as to detox the intestine. Natur Life has devised and created a medical device for domestic colon hydrotherapy, i.e. a device to install with great simplicity at home, which allows one to perform intestinal cleansing on one’s own.
We’re referring to BIO FLUFF, a registered and certified medical device for domestic colon hydrotherapy, to be connected to any tap and to be installed in your bathroom. Intestinal cleansing is the natural alternative to the use of laxatives and purgatives (pharmaceuticals that, in the long run, bring great disease to the intestine), and the remedy to various pathologies such as intestinal irregularity, irritable colon, constipation, diarrhoea, diverticulitis, headaches, candidiasis and many more.
Natur Life’s medical device for colon hydrotherapy is composed of: a tap equaliser (to be adaptable to all of your house’s taps), a spiral tube, a pressure regulator, a shaped bracket, a seat and a single-use end-piece. You wont have to do anything other than buying it, reading all the home installation’s instructions and try it. You’ll get a feeling of great wellbeing already from the first treatment.


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