Intestine cleansing: the mucus in the colon

Intestine cleansing in order to prevent the excessive presence of mucus, toxins and food residues.

The intestine is entirely covered, on its walls, by a mucosa that hosts the intestinal flora, i.e. billions of bacteria that are useful to our organism during digestion. When a person consumes foods that have been contaminated by fertilisers or antibiotics, laxatives, pharmaceuticals and other similar substances, an imbalance occurs within the intestine, and these bacteria can triple even in the absence of oxygen. The presence of excessive mucus in the intestine is damaging as it retains all of the digested food’s residues and the toxins that subsequently form. All these putrefying left-overs remain in the intestine, come into contact with the blood vessels, and all the toxins begin to circulate freely around the organism, stopping where it is most fragile and causing serious pathologies.
What can we do to make sure all of this doesn’t happen? Firstly, eating well, living a healthy life with a lot of physical exercise and limiting stress as much as possible… An intestine cleansing is truly ideal to help all of this.
Natur Life Style has designed and manufactured a certified medical device for the intestine cleansing at home, to be comfortably carried out in your bathroom. It consists of an appliance to be connected to the bidet’s or sink’s tap, which is connected to a control unit that regulates and controls pressure and temperature. A little silicon probe is to be inserted in the rectum and it performs, via water, the intestine cleansing; a treatment that is painless and with no contraindications!
Consult your physician to find out more about the importance of the intestine cleansing!


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