Intestinal washing for the elderly, before the issues might turn into pathologies

Intestinal washing for the elderly who do little physical activity, don’t have a varied diet and feel digestion problems.

We know well how the intestinal activity and the correct functioning of this organ depend on the lifestyle, on the diet and, most importantly, on movement. Often, with the advancing in age, physical activity gets sensibly reduced, sometimes even completely. Equally, the diet doesn’t include great varieties of vegetables anymore; the tendency is the one of always eating the same foods, and the fibres are what gets mostly scrapped out. What follows this? The intestine no longer works as it should, the general malaise is perceived across the whole body, and one doesn’t feel well anymore.
Before this nuisance turned into an actual pathology, you should try out the intestinal washing for the elderly, i.e. the colon hydrotherapy. What does it consist of? It is an absolutely painless treatment involving the insertion in the rectum of a silicon speculum, which allows water to penetrate at controlled temperature and pressure. The water allows one to eliminate all of the digestion’s toxins, the food residues, the mucosa deposited on the walls and, in general, all waste. Well being is already perceivable from the very first treatment.
The intestinal washing for the elderly is a procedure already common in care homes, in hospitals and clinics (consult the page of our professional device BIOFLUFF HT). It can, however, also be performed at home, thanks to Natur Life Style’s portable devices (consult the page of our professional device BIOFLUFF).


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