Colon hydrotherapy at home, thanks to BIO FLUFF

Colon hydrotherapy at home, thanks to Natur Life Style’s safe and registered medical devices.

Usually, the colon hydrotherapy is a treatment that is performed in hospitals or in specialised facilities. It consists of a cleansing of the intestine with tepid water that is directly introduced into the anus, in an absolute painless manner. It is usually a kind of treatment advised for those who must prepare for an examination or an operation to the intestine, to the elderly, to the bedbound… and, more generally, to whoever suffers from intestinal irregularity, headaches, constipation, incontinence, diverticulitis, candidiasis, colitis, allergies, dermatitis and other pathologies. This is the case because a malfunctioning of the intestine can provoke many disorders and ailments, even those that apparently are quite diverse from one another.
Today, however, one has a different solution, as the colon hydrotherapy can even be performed at home! You got that right, thanks to Natur Life Style’s certified and registered medical devices, it is possible to perform the colon hydrotherapy at home, in the full comfort of one’s bathroom. It is no longer necessary to find a hospital or a facility to undergo such treatment, all for the great joy of those people that suffer from the aforementioned ailments.
Purchase BIO FLUFF for the colon hydrotherapy at home, from our website. You’ll receive all of the instructions for the assembling and the correct use.


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