Colon cleanliness: don’t ever underestimate it!

The cleanliness of the colon is fundamental: pay attention to junk food as it generates a lot of problems for digestion.

Our intestine is divided into two parts: small and large.
The SMALL intestine is about 6 metres long; it winds upon itself and is subdivided into duodenum, jejunum and ileum. It is in this part that the digestive processes are completed and that nutritional substances are absorbed. The LARGE intestine consists of the caecum, the colon and the rectum. All of digestion’s waste substances reach the colon together with water, which gets digested unlike the rest, which gets expelled. This being said, one can appreciate how important it is to maintain a correct cleanliness of the colon.
When a person eats a lot of industrially produced junk food, with great quantities of sugar and salt, they render the colon little efficient. These “dead” foods stick to its walls and prevent the right absorption of nutritional substances. On the contrary, the colon feeds off the poisonous toxic substances that are indeed contained within such deposits. What are the consequences? The body doesn’t receive nutritional elements; it doesn’t produce enough energy; it feels constant fatigue and, most importantly, all the other organs end up getting sick. Don’t ever neglect the colon’s cleanliness.
But how can the colon’s cleansing happen? Of course food and diet are two fundamental factors, as it also is daily physical exercise. To help you, however, there’s also the colon hydrotherapy in order to deeply eliminate all of the colon’s toxins. To find out more, do not hesitate to contact us.



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