A remedy for the nervous colitis

A remedy for the nervous colitis caused by retained anger and accumulated stress

The colitis (i.e. the irritable colon syndrome) can have many causes. When one of these is the psychic stress, the disorder acquires the name of nervous colitis. Generally speaking, this problem affects women more, as they tend to somatise nervous stress more than men. Anxiety, retained anger, fury and the very stress, provoke a hormones’ production, which involves the intestine by compromising its functionalities.
What could be the remedy to the nervous colitis? It is of course necessary to find a lifestyle that is able to help us off-loading all of this accumulating nervousness; in this respect, physical activity turns out to be very important. We advise you not to use pharmaceuticals or laxatives in abundance, as these get the intestine used to work exclusively under the effect of the medication. We advise you to try out the colon hydrotherapy as a valid remedy for the colitis!
It consists of a painless cleansing of the intestine, performed via a medical instrument, which you’ll be able to purchase and install comfortably a your home, in your bathroom, without any contraindication. If you suffer from nervous colitis and, therefore, you often feel the symptoms; we suggest you purchase Natur Life Style’s BIOFLUFF in order to perform the colon hydrotherapy whenever you need it. Contact us to know more.


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