The domestic colon hydrotherapy

Domestic colon hydrotherapy is a very delicate and absolutely painless cleansing to be performed comfortably at home, in one’s bathroom, thanks to Natur Life Style’s medical devices. This company has decided to design, create and sell these products online because, due to the stress [...]

Treatment for constipation through colon hydrotherapy

By constipation, one means the deceleration of the progressing of the colon’s content, on its way to evacuation. The most common symptoms are: difficulty or incapacity to evacuate daily, slow digestion, abdominal bloating, general malaise, sensations of intestinal encumbrance and mood [...]

Intestine cleansing: a silent and painless therapy

Intestine cleansing is a silent, painless and odourless therapy that brings great well-being to the whole body. It has the purpose of deeply cleansing the colon; eliminate all of digestion’s toxins; favour a natural peristalsis and balance out the bacterial flora. Intestine cleansing can [...]

Medical device for colon hydrotherapy

Colon hydrotherapy is a type of intestinal cleansing which allows the input of a tepid and mild water-flow directly into the anus, in order to eliminate all the toxins and digestion-waste as well as to detox the intestine. Natur Life has devised and created a medical device for domestic colon [...]

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