The colon-cleansing professional therapy

Natur Life Style has designed and manufactured a device for the colon-cleansing professional therapy: BIO FLUFF HT. It consists of a mobile device to perform the colon hydrotherapy to patients; the ideal for hospitals, care homes, retirement homes, medical practices, beauty centres and more. The [...]

Intestine cleansing: the mucus in the colon

The intestine is entirely covered, on its walls, by a mucosa that hosts the intestinal flora, i.e. billions of bacteria that are useful to our organism during digestion. When a person consumes foods that have been contaminated by fertilisers or antibiotics, laxatives, pharmaceuticals and other [...]

A remedy for the nervous colitis

The colitis (i.e. the irritable colon syndrome) can have many causes. When one of these is the psychic stress, the disorder acquires the name of nervous colitis. Generally speaking, this problem affects women more, as they tend to somatise nervous stress more than men. Anxiety, retained anger, [...]

Treatment for the diverticula: the colon hydrotherapy at home

Which are the main causes of inflammation for the diverticula? This disorder often derives from a progressive weakening of the colon’s walls (thus, genetic causes), an increase in the intestine’s pressure, a sedentary lifestyle, a diet poor in liquids and fibres, etc. The pathology [...]

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