Professional colon hydrotherapy

Today, we’re directly addressing the physicians, the surgeries, the care homes and the hospitals, by offering a device for the professional colon hydrotherapy: BIOFLUFF HT. It consists of a certified and extremely safe machine for the performing of the intestine’s cleansing within a [...]

Rectal irrigation: what does it consist of and to whom is it useful?

The rectal irrigation is a treatment act at helping evacuation of the faeces from the intestine, and which allows a deep cleansing of then colon. It simply consists of painlessly inserting a little silicon speculum into the colon, which introduces tepid water of controlled pressure and [...]

Colon cleanliness: don’t ever underestimate it!

Our intestine is divided into two parts: small and large. The SMALL intestine is about 6 metres long; it winds upon itself and is subdivided into duodenum, jejunum and ileum. It is in this part that the digestive processes are completed and that nutritional substances are absorbed. The LARGE [...]

Medical device for professional and domestic colon hydrotherapy

The Natur Life Style medical device for the colon hydrotherapy has been entirely manufactured and assembled in Italy. It is certified within class 2B rule 11, IX attachment of the 93/42 CEE directory and has been verified and approved by the Masini research and testing institute (an entity that [...]

Treatment to the irritable colon, a person in five suffers from it

Today, we’re talking about the irritable colon. Did you know that physicians in the United States have diagnosed this disease to over 20% of the population? This means that a person in five suffers from it, especially women, starting from an age earlier than 35. The most frequent symptoms [...]

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