Intestinal cleansing at home, for those who frequently need it

As we’ve already said on several occasions, the colon hydrotherapy is a useful treatment to those suffering from colitis, constipation, lazy intestine, irritable colon, abdominal bloating, diverticulitis, but also headaches, allergies, candidiasis and other similar disorders. This [...]

Colon hydrotherapy at home, thanks to BIO FLUFF

Usually, the colon hydrotherapy is a treatment that is performed in hospitals or in specialised facilities. It consists of a cleansing of the intestine with tepid water that is directly introduced into the anus, in an absolute painless manner. It is usually a kind of treatment advised for those [...]

A treatment for the intestinal irregularity? A word of advice from Natur Life Style

The intestinal irregularity is a rather widespread disorder, particularly in the West. Women and the elderly are among the most afflicted; but some estimates speak of a good 50% of the population suffering from it. The symptoms that are linked to this disorder cause a general malaise, which [...]

Treatment for constipation, movement, fibres and colon hydrotherapy

Constipation is a disorder that involves the intestine and consists in the difficulty in regularly evacuating. This happens when the intestine’s movement is so slow that it provokes all the absorption of water during digestion. Many people suffer from it, but is there a treatment for [...]

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