Intestinal washing for the elderly, before the issues might turn into pathologies

We know well how the intestinal activity and the correct functioning of this organ depend on the lifestyle, on the diet and, most importantly, on movement. Often, with the advancing in age, physical activity gets sensibly reduced, sometimes even completely. Equally, the diet doesn’t [...]

Colon hydrotherapy at home: when the intestine causes malaise

Did you know that the colon hydrotherapy can also be performed at one’s own home? It is no longer necessary to find a professional practice to undergo such a treatment, and it is also no longer necessary to go far and around for it. Thanks to Natur Life Style’s medical devices for [...]

Treatment to the intestinal irregularity: change your lifestyle!

The intestinal irregularity is a disorder that could even cause great problems with the advancement of time. It could be sudden, due to rapid changes in the nutrition, serious illnesses or even travels; or it could be chronic, present for a long time, being just as significant and dangerous. [...]

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